Reviewing the TrackOFF Online Browsing Privacy Software

Posted on February 1, 2018 in Online Privacy

TrackOFF Privacy Software ensures that you have maximum privacy while surfing or browsing the web. If you take your privacy seriously, this is worth trying out. It utilizes military-grade technology to protect you and hide you from online hackers and spies.


TrackOFF Provides You with Peerless Internet Security Service

Have you ever noticed how certain sites provide you with a prompt, asking if they can push relevant news to your browser? The popup box allows you to accept or ignore the request. Search for products using Google and visit a couple of websites suggested by the search engine. Be prepared for a surprise when you next visit social networks like Facebook. You will see ads on those websites. This is because Google has noted down your preferences and will provide similar ads to you.

Online Privacy Protection

Modern generation websites send a quiz to your browser to generate a unique fingerprint that identifies you. This makes it easy for them to track all of your actions. If you are worried about your online privacy, depend on TrackOFF to foil the attempt of the fingerprinters.


Is Trackoff Any Good?

Had this software not been good, it would not have received rave reviews in leading IT publications, both printed and online. If you have not yet done so, visit these sites and read the TrackOFF software reviews posted by reputable authors who know about such programs like the back of their hands. You can rest assured that once you have gone through any TrackOFF review, you will purchase it immediately, as these articles explain in depth how websites, as well as hackers, mine personal data from your computer while you are logged on to the net.

Are you aware of the dilemma you will face if someone else gets hold of your net banking login name and password? Prevent such problems from taking place by installing TrackOFF privacy software on your computer today.


Respected by Gurus

Such is the reputation of the TrackOFF privacy application that internet gurus swear by it. Most of them openly state that TrackOFF VPN is the leader among virtual private network programs, is a robust performer, and does not slow down the internet speed of the user.

Why do you not visit the website of TrackOFF and check information provided over there? You will notice that this is a subscription-based software. You can either choose a monthly based subscription or save money by opting for an annual subscription, as a single annual subscription costs 25% less than 12 monthly subscriptions. This program is available in two different versions… the basic and the elite.


Different Versions Explained

TrackOFF basic is ideal for casual users who use the net for chatting, shopping, discussing with their friends on social networks, browsing the net, or checking the news online. This software prevents online trackers from following your tracks and seeing what you are doing. However, it does not encrypt network traffic.

If you want to encrypt your network traffic to prevent your ISP from gathering personal information, opt for TrackOFF elite. You can depend on Track off software to keep snooping spies, ISPs, and hackers at bay by protecting your data within an encrypted tunnel. Prevent others from spying on you and hide your browsing activities by downloading TrackOFF by clicking the Trackoff download link on the vendor’s website and registering it.